Saturday, February 10, 2007

May we at the Essene School, be permitted to finally begin to tell you exactly what happened

"Once upon a time, long, long ago, a great war began between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness. Records lost to us for millennia have long been expected to be returned before 2012 after which time the information revealed is too late for us. It is now 2007...........
Join me on a mystery trail across the world from Asia to South America, to forgotten islands in the Atlantic Ocean and to the Himalaya, to discover the spell that caused our world to fall asleep. Does a lost library reveal the greatest mysteries of the ages? Why are we trapped on the Wheel of Rebirth? Why is Spiritual Liberation different from Self-Realization? What are Portals, Cosmic Doorways and Star-Gates? Did the ancients understand a science of which we are no longer aware? I invite you to begin an adventure.
My name is Jhahan, and it is with humility and awe that I introduce some truly amazing information, that I hope I may be permitted to share more fully with you. Jhahan is a spiritual name that was given to me. It roughly translates as Sean, Shauna or John, and it has been my privilege to learn ancient yet surprisingly sophisticated information that has been denied to the human race for many millennia. This is an ancient story of entrapment that has repeated itself throughout time immemorial, but in this story there are also the keys to the 'way out'. These keys were brought to us in the past, by the people known as the true Essenes."
The Essenes, Maji and Christos taught of the Divine Blueprint and how the forces of the Illuminated One created the Matrix by altering that Blueprint. They didn't believe humans would ever be able to question the apparent system that operates our world, much less uncover the truth. They thought the consciousness of a Loving Heart and Soul was a lesser state of being, and could be deceived, misled, walked over, and our true heritage stolen away from us.
Our ancestors lived in a technologically sophisticated world in pre-history called Atlantis. They used knowledge of a galactic powered Atomic Science capable of creating the Pyramids. 12,000 years ago, Atlantis fell after the deliberate misuse of the technology. Earth rocked in space and shifted in its position and orbit. All the tunnel-portals or 'doorways' back to the 'Eternal Worlds of Eden' as it exists within the Divine Blueprint were consequently misaligned. This change in alignment also altered Earth's originally intended position within the Divine Blueprint, angling it into a very different destiny.

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